Boost your energy saving

Boostherm uses the heat lost from refrigerating systems to produce free and eco-reponsible hot water


Reduces your energy bill with predictable billing : we say what we mean


Patented DCT® process, 5 times more efficient than an immersion heat exchanger system


Recover the energy lost from cold-storage rooms without degrading their performance


Adapted to your needs, we have the solution whatever your business and structure

Boostherm technology

Find out all about the Boostherm expertise featured in all our systems designed and developed in France.

Eco-responsible systems

Make use of wasted energy

Reduce your carbon foot print

Boost your economic performance

Support your CSR policy

Reduce your energy dependency

Notre objectif, accélérer la transition écologique.

We design personalised solutions to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint.
Our aim is to support you and assist you technologically in your eco-responsible initiatives.

Our targets : economic performance and optimised return on investment.

Up to 100% of the investment covered by the Energy Savings Certificate

Boostherm solutions are compliant with the RE2020 environmental regulation

To find your Boostherm solution


Boostherm has proven itself in the field since 2009 in the following sectors :

Hotel business
Central kitchens
Agrifood industry
Fast food
Large retailers
Motorway services
Food professional
Health facility


We support you throughout the project, from sizing through to final launch:

  • Assistance with sizing
  • Studies, advice, set-up recommendations and schematic diagrams
  • Energy Savings Certificate approaches
  • Preparation and follow-up of applications with a guaranteed outcome
  • Studies, advice, set-up recommendations and schematic diagrams

Design office

Boostherm supports you at each step of your project:

  • Business and technical studies designed to promote your project
  • Assistance with writing specific technical clauses
  • Studies, advice, set-up recommendations and schematic diagrams

They trust us

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